BVEST 2020

With the goal of sustainable development in mind BVEST 2020 is one of the most megalithic events with a participation of more than 20k . 13 + events 1 week of dedicated effort and exceptional teamwork. From hackathons to fun quizzes BVEST invited all talents to showcase their skills. Discussing new ideas and mentoring sessions helped students bring ideas to life and make a change for generations to come.


Robotics is at the forefront of human development. With That in mind IET conducts the yearly series in which freshers and all those interested come together and learn how to make simple robots using arduino. The highlight of the session was the line following the robot. Competition is very important when it comes to learning and to encourage that we have a competition in which students build their own obstruction avoidance robots and compete for the best bot made.


All work and no play well thats just boring. Having technical skills and learning is important but we can only do so much before exhausting ourselves that we need some fun. Well that was the plan but things took a spooky turn of events when the most popular vote went to conjuring. A fun socialising event, helping freshers interact with seniors and getting to know each other's area of interest.


Personality development helps you develop a positive attitude in life.Bearing that in mind IET conducts personality development series annually. The series has two parts foremost is where we learn how to present your work history and qualifications on a single page. It guides us to build a resume that doesn’t simply tell a story about what you want to be, but it’s a story about who you want to be. Then comes the interview series where our proficient seniors share their worthwhile experience on how to present yourself because a job interview is not just a test of your knowledge but your ability to use it at right time.


How would that when some marvelous thoughts inside you but no source to express them?... not fair.IET gives the opportunity to let your ideas out in a super creative way i.e MEME MAKING COMPETITION for all those who are less able to express themselves in words but have much in mind. It was a magnificent & successful event. It was a true chance to all who can show their brain in a fun way.


When we think of computer games, we might think of getting square eyes but It may not be a surprise that computer games improve concentration and attention. Playing games not only improves brain speed but also enhances multitasking and teamwork. With these benefits we can’t forget the obvious one fun and pleasure. Consequently, IET conducts Extradition an international gaming event where participants end up saying they had the best time.


The one thing we all would agree with, games are the supreme way to demonstrate oneself. IET came with a window to grab out what's inside you, that's BLITZKRIEG THE GAMING EVENT, which included Chess and Valorant. It was, where the learning, the relaxation, the zest came together and made the event unbeatable. The refreshed faces said a lot.


Making a website or application user friendly and enhancing user experience, design simply employed everywhere, thanks to the unlimited benefits of UI/UX. Keeping this in mind, we organized a creativity and design workshop wherein an industry expert introduced students to the world of UI/UX and helped participants explore this trending domain.


University life gives you much more than just a degree - get ready for all the adventure with IET! Exclusively for our freshers who are keen to enjoy and explore their college life, IET recast their day dreams to a moment by executing THE PIRATES OF IET - an event filled with joy, where freshers got the chance to explore the campus, jam with their colleagues and have interaction through mini games!.