Chaitanya has a fervour for management and planning, he persues all his responsibilities with great zeal and enthusiasm. Moreover, he posseses great interpersonal skills. He has grown substantially in the field of team management over the years which makes him capable of taking a greater hold over decision making and delivering logistics. He has a holistic approach towards developing impregnable relations with people. Being a man of serious potential, he is capable of achieving accuracy and perfection. A vison towards execution aids his interpersonal skills to implement the finest in order to achieve pre-eminent outcomes. His belief in hardwork and perfection has led him to some prominent positions. He has great ambitions in life and plans to achieve the greatest.

Parinika's sagacity amalgamated with aplomb makes her an admirable kingpin. She is a tenacious and sedulous person and an eloquent writer who settles for zilch less than perfection.Deluged in an extra mile of resilience,ambition and ebullience ,she's someone who is going to leave you in awe with both her work ethics and her obstinacy to get things done.

Rather than simply speaking, Drishti believes in doing. She is energetic, creative and innovative. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her work and this helps her in making every work a great success. She believes that theoretical knowledge doesn’t suffice for a holistic exposure to any globally sensitive issue. She is versatile in nature and comes of great importance while critical decision making and implementation of ideas.

Sarthak is a person who believes in team work, management and taking the opportunity of leading from the front. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and believes in smart work. He has a fair good knowledge of finance and funds management which makes him the perfect pick for the position of Treasurer. He also has a good amount of experience in team management and organising things which makes him suitable for the responsibilities of Joint Secretary.

"Yes, the journey may be tough, but I know, if I keep going, success and happiness will find me at the other side of the tunnel and I AM NOT STOPPING! Not Now, Not ever…" Here’s Sarthak Gautam, whose exuberant personality and love for adventurous experiences leads him to embark on challenging new journeys. His “Never Give Up” attitude and single motto of “No alternatives to Hard work” have led him through bright and adverse situations in the most sparkling manner. Not to mention his already proved leadership and team building abilities which make him a perfect fit for being the Head of Events and Operations and the go-to person for all his team members!

Divyam believes in team work and completing his task on time. Delaying is not his cup of tea. He is well aware of handling social media which makes him completely eligible for the position of Social Media and Outreach Head. He has a strategic mind and comes up with innovative plans to publicize each and every event of IET and of course he is very responsible towards his work.

Having a strong inclination towards creativity, and a driven analytical approach, along with his never give up attitude, Nakul leaves a strong impression in whatever he does. He is committed to working faster and smarter to ensure that the team adheres to highest standards of competence. You’ll be left awestruck by his unflagging hard work and enthusiasm. His ardour for photography and digital arts makes him exemplary for being the go-to person for everything Creative. Moreover his ingenuity,

Ayush is incredibly gifted and works tirelessly to reach his goals.He has a knack for technology and has experience in Machine Learning , IOT , Deep learning and so on. His profound knowledge in tech and commitment towards work is extremely commendable.With his technical skills coalesced with his leadership qualities , he brings holistic approach on the table in justifying himself as the exemplary Tech and Documentation Head.